This month we are featuring the most adorable couple. Meet Shruthi & Peter, better known as Holiday At See who are currently traveling around the unites states in their sweet little Vanagon lovingly named, Blitzkrieg.  They have already learned so much about the true meaning of home and how to create that sense of home on the road in brand new places. Follow along and learn about the fernweh hearts behind the grand adventure. 

What set this adventure apart from others?

Since we got married, we made it a goal to try and do one big trip together each year. Those trips took us to various parts of the world but we would always end up back in Nashville. What sets this adventure apart from others is that we’ve made this one a way of life. We’ve never actually gotten to experience day-to-day life in the van before. There's no "going home" this time. In this adventure, home comes with us. 


What about this journey truly took your breath away?

Literally - all of the hikes we’ve been doing. We’ve been in lots of places where elevation is considerably higher than Nashville, TN and getting through these hikes has been challenging but very, very rewarding. It’s amazing to feel our bodies get stronger as the hikes get less difficult. Figuratively (sometimes literally) - Nature. It’s astounding how intricate our planet is. Every single part of the ecosystem is a micro-universe and it just keeps building and building on itself. You can see it on the forest floor as well as the night sky. We love just laying in the back of the van at night and just watching the stars through the back window. 


What was the most surprising aspect of the trip?

Life on the road has been way, way busier than we expected. We’re always doing something, whether it’s maintenance on the van, working part time, planning out our route, meal planning/other random errands. We feel like we’re just as busy on the road as we were in a home in Nashville. A lot of people think of a trip like this as a vacation, void of responsibilities, but that's not the case at all. We still have just as many responsibilities on the road (minus the yard work). Surprisingly, it all also feels completely normal. I think it’s because we’re in our element. This is what we love to do. This question is super exciting because we’ve met so many interesting people since our trip started! It’s our favorite thing about being on the road. Total strangers have treated us like family. In a way, they are family. We’ve met everyone from Instagram acquaintances to other people who live on the road all of the time.

How did this trip change you?

We thought we knew all about mindful living prior to moving into our van. Wrong. There are so many ways to practice mindful living and each of those ways works more or less for different people. We have to be mindful of how much power we use, how much water we use, how we shop for groceries and meal plan. Most of all, we have to be mindful of each other. 


What travel advice would you give to others looking to make a similar journey?

Do it. You’ll either hate it or you’ll love it. You might even feel a little bit of both but you’ll learn a lot. 


Where is your sense of fernweh taking you next?

We’re continuing to explore the West and after that, we’re not sure yet. Literally the globe is on the table. That’s the beauty of it. 

Continue to follow their adventure at: HolidayatSee on instagram 

kristen frasca