fernweh [n.] An ache for distant places; the crave for travel.



◊ I have such a deep love for the Herkimer stone. I was so tired of the same diamond cut gems and longed for something that closer connected with nature. The second I saw a raw Herkimer I was in love. There's something so inspiring about the fact that it comes out of the earth so brilliant and raw. I wanted to create a design that honored the integrity of the stone itself not weighting it down with thick prongs or bars, just a simple band with a simple stone. I love the idea of wearing a piece of nature, carrying a little bit of creation itself with you always.


◊ Everything is handmade by me, from the rustic hammered bands, to the drilling of the stones themselves, these are made with my heart and soul and I absolutely adore creating something that someone will treasure for years to come. 


◊ The name herkimer diamond came from the untrained eye confusing the unique crystals with diamonds. Herkimer diamonds are only found in Herkimer County, NY, which was named after Revolutionary War General Nicholas Herkimer. The Native American tribe of the Mohwak people originated in this area and are known as "The People of the Crystals." Herkimer diamonds are found clear, cloudy, smoky or even containing a variety of rare impurities. These stones which geologists theorize formed extremely slowly in small solution cavities have eighteen facets and two terminated ends.